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Caroline Eloise Blankenship
No 71339
Name Caroline Eloise Blankenship
Nationality USA
Starting Date 2022-June-1
Desired Location Medium City, Not specified
Desired Housing Not specified
Birth Date 1995-November-17
Marital Status Married
Desired Teaching Level Kindergarten, Elementary
Saturday Work Impossible
Desired Pay Per Month 2.2milion won
Degree BA/BS
Education & Work Experience
 Hello, I am currently on a D-10 visa living in South Korea so I would be able to start work immediately from the start date and should be able to switch to an E-2 visa at immigration with no hangups. I have three years of work experience in South Korea, am fluent in conversational Korean, and have lived in Korea as a whole for 6 years. I am passionate about teaching language and am an engaging, sociable teacher who strikes a good balance between friendly and firm with my students.

I am currently living in Gwangju and would like to avoid being relocated if at all possible, as my spouse is also living here.