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Ilsa Strough
No 43310
Name Ilsa Strough
Nationality USA
Starting Date 2021-11-1
Desired Location Big City, Medium City
Desired Housing Single Housing
Birth Date 1998-05-20
Marital Status Single
Desired Teaching Level Kindergarten, Elementary, Middle
Saturday Work Possible
Desired Pay Per Month 2.2milion won
Degree BA/BS
Education & Work Experience
 Do you have passport, original degree, sealed academic transcripts and criminal background record right now? If not, can you prepare these documents soon?

I have a passport, a college degree, sealed academic transcripts, and my criminal background check all available right now. I am waiting for my criminal background check to be apostilled and sent back to me.

* Education & Work Experience *

I have a four year degree from University of Wisconsin Oshkosh in Anthropology and Religious Studies. I also received my TEFL certification this summer. I have coached and ran multiple softball and dance camps throughout high school for elementary age students, and in college I was a peer mentor, which meant that I mentored freshman and sophomore students on my campus. I helped them adjust to college life and assisted them in any way they needed. For some, I tutored them, and others I helped them connect with their teachers and campus organizations. For my TEFL certification, I had to do at least 20 hours of student teaching and observation. I did this through two local literacy centers. I taught in two ESL classes, one was an advanced class and the other was a lower-level class. Both classes had students of a variety of backgrounds and ages. I taught and worked with children, young adults, and older adults. I taught lessons on reading comprehension, pronunciation, and grammar rules. I also covered a lot of vocabulary and phrases, especially words and phrases about going to the doctor, recreational activities, and renting an apartment. I was able to get real experience lesson planning through student teaching and I was also able to get great feedback from the students. I was able to put what I learned in my TEFL course to work and I was able to see myself succeed, which makes me excited to see what the future holds.