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Max Robert Saunders
No 42508
Name Max Robert Saunders
Nationality UK
Starting Date 2021-06-15
Desired Location Big City
Desired Housing Single Housing
Birth Date 1997-08-03
Marital Status Single
Desired Teaching Level Kindergarten, Elementary
Saturday Work Not specified
Desired Pay Per Month 2.2milion won
Degree BA/BS
Education & Work Experience
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* Education & Work Experience *

BA Politics (2:1) Sheffield Hallam University

Studied Korean programmes over summer twice in Seoul at Ewha University and Sogang University.

Experience coordinating a town-wide project for Barnsley Metropolitan Council. Organised meetings, liaised with council staff and lead organisation. Shadowed senior staff working on a high street regeneration project and had to communicate with members of the public.

Experience helping to organise a local government election.