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Abigail Schumacher
No 41982
Name Abigail Schumacher
Nationality USA
Starting Date 2020-10-
Desired Location Not specified
Desired Housing Not specified
Birth Date 1995-02-26
Marital Status Single
Desired Teaching Level Not specified
Saturday Work Not specified
Desired Pay Per Month Not specified
Degree BA/BS
Education & Work Experience
 I have my passport and original degree. I can get a background check, apostille certificate, and transcripts sent in a few weeks once I have them obtained. I just need to request them from the universities they are from.

Inspire others to fulfill their goals and dreams by creating a fun and engaging environment that encourages the expansion of their horizons, push their limits, and challenge themselves in their journey to learn the English language.
PalFish: May 2020-Current
• Provide one-on-one English tutoring to children ages 3-14 located throughout China.
• Follow the set curriculum while expanding on details and the interests of the children.
• Promote a fun environment that keeps children focused while having fun in their studies.
• Tailor the content and teaching approach to fit each student’s learning styles and needs.
• Six months ESL teaching experience with 500+ teaching hours.
IASCO Flight Training: June 2017-May 2020
• Consulted with foreign nationals on nonimmigrant visas and resolved routine and non-routine questions.
• Created and managed processes and procedures to coordinate documentation for visa processing on immigrant and non-immigrant applications.
• Drove continuous improvement in day-to-day process and transformation initiatives that resulted in impactful evolution. Supported student social, emotional, and academic development.
• Monitored curricula and course sequencing. Planned and supervised field trips. Established a positive rapport with all students.
• Provided one-on-one attention to students, while maintaining overall focus on the entire group.

Kaleidoscope Coffee Company: July 2016- June 2017
• Maintained team efficiency by strategically delegating daily activities, monitoring output, and rewarding positive contributions.
• Applied strong leadership talents and problem-solving skills to maintain team efficiency and organize workflows to meet any daily demand.
• Boosted team member productivity by enhancing performance monitoring and instituting motivational approaches.
• Trained and mentored staff to maximize effectiveness.
• Increased customer retention and satisfaction by closely monitored team member performance and assessing problematic practices.
Melgaard Construction Company: September 2015- May 2016
• Promptly answered multi-line phone systems and greeted callers enthusiastically, and performed administrative and clerical duties such as word processing, data entry, faxing, and copying.
• Processed payments and documents such as invoices, journal vouchers, employee reimbursements, and statements. Maintained clean and organized files by keeping accounts payable records up-to-date.
• Prepared itemized statements, bills, or invoices and recorded amounts due for items purchased or services rendered, and mailed invoices to customers, processed payments, and documented account updates.
• Reviewed figures, postings, and documents for correct entry, completeness, and accuracy.
Cam-Plex Multi Event Facility August 2012-September 2015
• Greeted and collected tickets of patrons at events, directed ticket holders to seats and facility locations, and provided information about current and future events at the facility.
• Provided multifaceted services to career professionals by running errands, managing mail, scheduling appointments and arranging transportation, and delivered top-notch administrative support to office staff, promoting excellence in office operations.
• Interacted with vendors, contractors, and professional services personnel to receive orders, direct activities, and communicate instructions.
• Created and updated physical records and digital files to maintain current, accurate, and compliant documentation