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Tiffany Gong
No 41944
Name Tiffany Gong
Nationality USA
Starting Date 2020-11-1
Desired Location Big City, Medium City
Desired Housing Single Housing
Birth Date 1996-01-04
Marital Status Single
Desired Teaching Level Not specified
Saturday Work Not specified
Desired Pay Per Month Not specified
Degree BA/BS
Education & Work Experience
 Hello! My name is Tiffany and I would love to have an opportunity to work in Seoul, South Korea as an English teacher. I have prior experience working with young children as well as in classroom settings and would like to use my knowledge and expertise with what I have learned. I minored in Education as well.

I am currently in California, USA, and can move as soon as I finish getting my documents together. I have a passport and my original degree. I have not started to prepare my other documents but I can do so ASAP.