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Evelyn Lilly
No 41933
Name Evelyn Lilly
Nationality Canada
Starting Date 2020-09-30
Desired Location Big City
Desired Housing Not specified
Birth Date 1996-October-27
Marital Status Single
Desired Teaching Level Kindergarten, Elementary, Middle
Saturday Work Possible
Desired Pay Per Month 2.2milion won
Degree BA/BS
Education & Work Experience
 Do you have passport, original degree, sealed academic transcripts and criminal background record right now? If not, can you prepare these documents soon?

I am in the process of acquiring all of the above documentations now and should have it shortly, I am just waiting on our mail services to receive them due to delays caused by Covid-19.

I received honours in my bachelor of hospitality and tourism management degree at Algonquin College. I also have several years of experience working with large and small groups of children at summer camps and events. I was also responsible for developing creative initiatives and daily schedules to entertain and educate children. Additionally, I have several years of customer service experience and I am very proficient at helping people and handling any issues that arise.

In addition to my experience working with children, I am a qualified and knowledgeable English teacher with an advanced 120-hour TESOL certificate and an honours bachelor’s degree. I can explain and educate students at any level on advanced grammar and phonetics to improve their language skills.