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Charles Sherwood
No 40856
Name Charles Sherwood
Nationality USA
Starting Date 2019-06-03
Desired Location Big City
Desired Housing Single Housing
Birth Date 1991-05-17
Marital Status Single
Desired Teaching Level Elementary, Middle,High school
Saturday Work Possible
Desired Pay Per Month more than 2.2 milion won
Degree BA/BS
Education & Work Experience
 Almost all of my documents (passport, background check, transcripts, degree, etc.) are ready. The only thing I still to complete is my TEFL course, which I will be completing this upcoming week.

I've been working in professional office environments for about a year now. Before I worked in office jobs, I was a cashier.

I have some minor teaching experience and a lot of experience with children. When I was a teenager, I taught kids at a computer camp. In my early 20's, I was an amusement park attendant for kids between the ages of 4 and 13.