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Daniel Longley
No 40635
Name Daniel Longley
Nationality UK
Starting Date 2018-10-04
Desired Location Big City, Not specified
Desired Housing Single Housing, Not specified
Birth Date 1994-05-11
Marital Status Single
Desired Teaching Level Not specified
Saturday Work Impossible
Desired Pay Per Month 2.1milion won
Degree BA/BS
Education & Work Experience
 Do you have passport, original degree, sealed academic transcripts and criminal background record right now? If not, can you prepare these documents soon?

Yes, I have my passport, a copy of my degree certificate which has been notarised and apostilled, sealed degree transcripts and also a criminal record check which has also been notarised and apostilled.

* Education & Work Experience *

Nov 2017- Sales representative, First Source, Derby, UK July 2018 This role was based around sales, and led me to interact with a diverse range of customers, many of whom had English as a second language allowing me to practice adapting to different audiences. My confidence in interacting with large numbers of new people was increased in this job, and I also had to develop different approaches based on the personalities of different customers.

Sep 2016- Supervisor, Mountain Warehouse, Derby, UK April 2017 In this role I had to help customers with their purchase and address issues that they may have had in other stores or with online orders. I also had the responsibility of running the store on certain days, delegating tasks to other members of the team to ensure that targets were met. As customers ranged in ages from young children to the elderly I was able to practice building rapport with a wide range of different customers.

Teaching experience

From approximately age 12 to age 18 I voluntarily taught other students at my Karate class. Most Saturdays I would help to teach a series of forms known as Kata to other students of mixed abilities and of ages ranging from 8 to 60. This teaching would sometimes be one on one, and sometimes would involve me teaching groups of students.