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Here are some comments from our teachers :

Hi Dominic & Michael,

Everything is going well in Korea. Everyone has been really friendly and helpful and I have settled in easily. Thank you for helping me get the job, the conditions here are very good and Tongyoeng is quite beautiful.

Neil Brougham in Tongyoung


Hey Courtney,

Its good to hear from you again. Well, so far I think its good, I am enjoying teaching(not all the time, but most of the time) and I like working with kids, and teens. As for Korea, I am very happy that the sun shines everyday, although its not that warm. I really like the mountains, and Korean girls... The food is alright as well, but I am not getting any culture shock because everything is very modern. I am hoping to find it interesting on the weekend when I try to visit some villages or Buddhist temples outside of Daegu. If you now any close by tell me and I will visit. I also liked the World Cup stadium which is near my house. As for the school, the staff seems nice and so far everything is ok, but one thing. I think that its too many hours for a beginner, but maybe it will be alright at the end, take care and you are welcome to visit me in Daegu if you like. Also I will be in Seoul in early February during the national holliday, for the football match Korea-Kuwait.

Take care, Leszek.

From Leszek in Daegu



Thanks for everything Courtney!!

Things are working out fine. The apartment is really nice and our director gave us our own computer, so pretty sweet. the kids are fun too. everything is great.. Thanks again. talk to you soon if we have any questions.

Take it easy,

Ian Gaurevau & Valerie Gattoni from Pyongchon





Thank you Courtney

I am very happy to be here. Everyone is so friendly  and welcoming. It is very good to be here in Korea and at the school. Thank you again for all your help.

Take care

From Gemma Farmer in Bucheon



Hi there,

Yes things are going great so far. Gyeongju seems a really nice city . Last week I visited the temple and will hopefully go to downtown Gyeongju this weekend. My school is also really good - I enjoy it a lot.

So far, I have only had email contact with Sean - but I have just got a new cellphone so will try and ring him soon. We hope to meet up in February during the Lunar New Year - either in Daegu or Gyeongju. Does it get warmer here in Korea soon? I'm freezing!!! Thanks for your work,

Peter Clark, Gyeongju




sorry it’s taken so long to reply, had some major lack of funds and could not afford to go to the internet cafe. I didn’t realize I couldn’t use my switch card over here. But anyhow that’s sorted got an advance on my wages and I should get paid on Thursday with any luck.  All is going pretty good, the school i work at is really good the director and his wife are really lovely people, and the Canadian I work with really  helps me out. It took a bit of time to get used to teaching, there seems to be a lot of prep work needed to make sure the classes are good, but at least I've got a curriculum and its getting easier and easier. There are some things I find very different to the western way of doing things but I'm coping.  As I've got more money I'm slowly getting my house furnished, Its a brand new apartment so seriously lacked in a lot of stuff, I'm in desperate need of curtains but I'm trying to get on to my director about that one. I seem to be coping quite well and haven’t experienced culture shock yet. there seems to be enough western culture infiltrated here that i have no problems. thanks for your concern and keeping in touch.

Angie Holliday



Hi EnglishWork,

Everything is going really well here in Jinhae! Thanks so much for helping find this position for me! The school is great, the other teachers are wonderful and the other foreign teachers have been very helpful. My apartment is also very nice and I'm enjoying the food too :) Things are turning out great! Thanks again for your help!


Christie in Jinhae



Hi Courtney,

Thanks for your email! Yes, everything is going very well for me here. The teachers are all very kind and friendly, and my apartment is nice. I am gradually getting used to things here, and making friends with the teachers. This weekend I hope to go to Seoul for Korean language classes.

Morwenna in Ansan



Dear Michael,

I am having an excellent time in Bundang! Ariana is having a good time, too. We'd like to visit you in Seoul. Because we're busy for New Year's, we can't visit you until after Sunday the 13th. We'd like to visit you then, though. Where in Seoul are you? What day is good for us to visit you? We work at 1pm Monday through Friday, but are available any time on the weekends.   I've had some adventures in the Seoula area - like Coex Mall, Seoul City Bus Tour, Namhansanseong, Everland, Itaewon, and whatnot. My favorite so far has been Namhansanseong. I went last fall with my friend and it was beautiful. I'd like to talk to you about other things to see in Korea. I don't have much vacation time, but my weekends are dedicated to exploring.

I look forward to hearing from you,

Ian Hume in Bundang



Hi Jenna,

Thank you Jenna! I am having a great time. The job is a nice fit. I just hope the institute likes me! hehe. Enjoy your New Year holiday. So long!

Nick Cross in Bundang



Hi Jenna,

yes I am very busy but have settled in nicely. I really like Hong Seong, its   small but fun everyone looks twice when they see you as I am one of 6 English in the whole town. I‘ve met the English people who are my friends.

We went to Seoul this weekend to see Sting play a concert in Olympic Park, it was excellent, then we went out to some pubs and clubs, had a great time.  How are you doing? Thank you for emailing me that was very nice of you.

I'll give you a ring as soon as I can, I have a house phone now. We can  arrange to meet for that Coffee if you still fancy it? Speak to you soon, and thanks again for all your help,

From Mark in Hongseong



Hi Courtney, this is Jeff's Mother Joy, he doesn't have this e mail anymore since he left for Korea, this is my e mail that he was using while staying here. I heard from him by phone a few days ago and he is fine and liking the school and the city he is in. He was to move in to his apartment last Friday, he had been staying at the home of the owner of the school, he said it was very nice. He seems fine and I am also hoping this will be a great experience for him he is a great guy. Thank you for all of your help in placing him at the school.

Sincerely Joy

From Joy, Jeff Cartwright’s mother



Hi Jenna,

My name is Joe Gores. You helped me get a job at Sorae High School last year. I'm still working at Sorae, and I'm very happy here. I'm writing because my brother wants to come to Korea in May. He asked me to help him find a job, and I thought of you first. My brother will be 27 years old in May. He has never taught English before, but I believe he has some experience teaching music (he's a musician). He's quite handsome and has a very strong personality. Children really like him.

If you have any jobs that he could apply for, could you email me? You could also email him. His name is Russ Gores. If you have any questions, please ask. Also, may I give him your email address?
Thank you very much for any help you can offer. :)


Joe Gores


Hello Michael,

I'm very sorry that I did not reply to you until now. I have been very busy getting aclimatised to work and my new environment. I'm sorry to hear that Courtney is no longer with you. I enjoyed working with her a great deal. You indicated in your e-mail that I was in Busan, when in fact I am in Yongin.

Anyway, things are good here. I will of course let you know if I need any help.

Thank you for asking.

Angela Lacelle


Hi Dominic & Michael

I cannot begin to say how well everything is going for me. After talking to other foreign teachers I was advised that the school you chose for me is regarded as one of the best in Suwon. The director and his wife have been very helpful from day one. I must admit that i thought I was not going to survive after the first 2 days. As you know I have never taught children before. However as the week progressed it became easier with each day. I am slowly getting the hang of things and I must admit I'm starting to extremely enjoy teaching. The children are just great, one just has to find his way in being able to control the class. We had a staff party last night and I was told that I'm handling things very well and that they are extremely happy with my progress.



Dear Courtney,

I just though I would send you a quick e-mail to thank you for all you did in getting me the job at GnB in Shiheung. I have had a really fantastic first month here, everything has gone really smoothly and I am enjoying teaching here heaps!

The people are really friendly and have gone out of their way to make me feel welcome it is really lovely. Anyway, I am also really enjoying living in Korea, it is very different from home but the people are great and itis getting a lot warmer outside:)yaye, Spring is here!

Anyway, thank you so much in getting me such a great job so quickly, I hope you have a really good year at English Work,

thanks again,